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How to Buy BitTorrent from THODEX

In 2017, Thodex entered the cryptocurrency sector in our country as koineks brand.

In this sector, a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, the most traded bank options, experienced in the sector in which it operates and many services such as hardware and customer service, as well as the first Bitcoin ATM in our country has been made available. All customers who prefer  Thedox have had the opportunity to make their transactions safely when purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Is Thodex Safe?

For Thodex, which is among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in our country, user satisfaction is very important and all activities are carried out with a focus on user satisfaction. Is safe Thodex , we can tell by the volume of the Thodex Stock Exchange. Thodex, which provides all its users with a very safe jital money trading environment, is therefore preferred by many users.

How to Trade Thodex

Now to the answer to the question how to buy BitTorrent from THODEX.  Thodex makes purchases of BitTorrent Token   and other cryptocurrencies it lists using the market interface. First of all, you can register via the Thodex website and, after your membership is approved, you can start purchasing cryptocurrencies through this exchange by depositing TL to your Thodex account through the specified payment methods.

Thodex Turkish Lira Deposit

After you log in to the account you have opened for Thodex , click the wallet option on the side of your profile to log in to the deposit withdrawal menu and click Deposit Turkish Lira. After you create a request to deposit TL to your specially allocated bank address on the visual screen that opens, transfer funds from your bank account by typing the code provided to you by Thodex in the description section.

Soon your investment will be approved and the amount you have deposited will be added to your account as a balance. You can then purchase BitTorrent from Thodex through Marketplace within the specified rules. With its service policies, Thodex manages to please all its users outside of purchases and sales transactions.


Thodex Bitcoin Buy And Sell - Coin Trade
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