• $0.000405 USD Price
  • 237.80% ROI
  • #84 Market Rank
  • $26,367,876 USD 24 Hour Volume
  • 212,116,500,000 BTT Circulating Supply
  • 990,000,000,000 BTT Total Supply
  • No Data Max Supply
  • $0.000139 USD
    (Mar 13, 2020)
    All Time High
  • $0.001861 USD
    (May 28, 2019)
    All Time Low
  • $0.001171 USD /
    $0.000139 USD
    52 Week High / Low
  • $0.000474 USD /
    $0.000214 USD
    90 Day High / Low
  • $0.000474 USD /
    $0.000280 USD
    30 Day High / Low
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    $0.000317 USD
    7 Day High / Low
  • $0.000406 USD /
    $0.000396 USD
    24 Hour High / Low
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  1. Bittorent system takes some services such as seeding or hosting (hosting), and making payments with Bittorent coin.
  2. Bittorent Coin is symbolized as BTT.
  3. It is very important to encourage users to use BTT. Therefore, Bittorent developed a new understanding. It has enabled the download speed of people who accept BTT use. In this way, they benefit from a higher level of the system. Bittorent is expanding the use of BTT.
  4. The total supply of BTT was determined to be 990,000,000,000 (990 Billion). As expected, this is a fairly high supply rate. But considering that about 40 percent of daily internet traffic uses Bittorent, this initiative may make sense.
  5. According to the realization plan of Token distribution, 20% of BTT Tokens belong to Tron Corporation. 19.9 percent are in the Bittorent ecosystem. Public token sales correspond to 6 percent of the total number.
  6. It is stated that users can make USD investments. But they have a maximum limit for that. No investment of more than $ 20,000 will be made.
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BitTorrent is one of the most well known cryptographic forms of money out there. For the vast majority, it is the greatest talks of the blockchain stage. BitTorrent is a mainstream correspondence convention which is produced for decentralized distributed record sharing. Keep reading to exlplore what is BTT and how it works.

What is BitTorrent?

  1. BTT convention is utilized in excess of 160 nations and has more than 10,000 clients. BTT tokens act like your TRC-10 token which is essentially a TRON-based standard that allows the BitTorrent clients to give their administrations consequently to BTT tokens. BTT was made so as to improve the BTT convention propelled in 2001. This was later acquired by Tron Foundation in 2018. 
  2. One of the most significant highlights that are yet to be presented is BitTorrent Speed. It is intended to utilize money related impetuses on the BitTorrent systems. Companions will be empowered to make their installments utilizing BTT. This will speed up the download procedure and furthermore their situation in the download lines. 
  3. The BitTorrent wallets permit customer programming endpoint to team up with one another so as to empower dependable concurrent dispersion of huge records to numerous customers. 
  4. BTT is fundamentally going to be a unit which will be utilized to designate exchanges for BTT benefits in the BitTorrent biological system. With the assistance of BTT tokens, there will be quicker downloads and arranges. 
  5. The BTT tokens are bolstered by TRON blockchain. It is known to include TRC-10 similarity. It is the biggest decentralized P2P arrange on the planet. It is expected to tokenize its whole substance sharing stage.

How to Buy BitTorrent?

To buy BTT, you can go popular platforms such as Binance. It has pulled in light of a legitimate concern for financial specialists around the world. For this very reason, you are going to discover BTT token on each trade. It is accessible on each top crypto trades. You can without much of a stretch purchase BTT from Binance.

Bittorent is a file sharing software that can be downloaded over the internet and used by many people. There is also a crypto coin created by this protocol. The number of active users of this protocol is quite high. The active user is said to be about 170 million. The system's creation of coins allowed users to pay with coins in exchange for some services. This situation affected the crypto money exchange closely. For more detailed answers to what is BTT, please read the following article.

How To Buy Bittorent? 

Here the answer to the question of how to buy Bittorent:  You can follow popular cryptocurrency exchanges to get BTT. Binance is one of them.